The Joy Challenge ❤️

This week, I’m deeply enjoying The Joy Challenge lead by Lisa Liimatta and Kaela Gedda. These two ladies are absolute Goddesses!

Mmm! These powerful, visionary entrepreneurs have the most Divine downloads they share during their programs. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of their Prosperous Entrepreneurs Power Pack for about a year now.

During that time, I’ve also been a part of multiple Immersion Experiences, which I myself will be offering my own version of soon. 🥰

Lisa and Kaela are a gift. Being in their energy absolutely levels me up every time.

FUN FACT: They were the second coaches I ever worked with! My very first coach, Jackie Kotei, referred to me to the Gold event in

I attended their event Gold, in 2022, which lead to me meeting Jess Verrill, Amy Flo-Yo, Deb Porter, Jennifer Cairns, and literally so many people I could list all night. Just those few connections facilitated by Lisa and Kaela’s events skyrocketed my network of incredible soul aligned entreprenuers, educators, advocates, activists, and creatives.


Anyway! You’re going to see so many more posts from me in the near future just absolutely pumping up incredible, ethical businesses that consider inclusivity, giving back to their communities, and who promote sustainability and ethical practices. All of them are people I have directly worked with and seen what great work they do.

I’m SO blessed!

This is part of my mission, and my role as the visionary CEO of Living LUNA. 🌙✨

So, right now, I want to give a big shout out to Kaela and Lisa of the Rise Leadership Circle. 🙏

Here are some of my top favorite things about these two:

✨How inclusive they are, even though they predominantly serve cis identifying women. I have seen men in their programs, as well as queer identifying people like myself, and they are ALWAYS welcomed.

✨They are both so thoughtful and clear about how they approach their teachings and offers. There is never any pressure to believe just as they do.

✨They promote ALL Feelings, not Toxic Positivity or Spiritual Bypassing! It is SUCH a fresh breath of air.

✨They are fiercely, beautifully themselves

✨They are a family business!!!

✨Both Lisa and Kaela do the personal work and promote both therapy and coaching. ETHICS!

Thanks to their Joy Challenge, I am overflowing this week with creativity!

I wanted to share this joyful expression of an activity they lead us through today because it fills me with joyous creation.

Thank you for the inspiration, Kaela and Lisa! 🥰

I’m full of vibrant excitement for the future and celebrating tonight with a self-date!

I’m going to have so many fun activities like this in my Sacred Moon Circle membership program, too. Imagine a spiritual accountability and community container where you routinely check in with spiritually nourishing and whole-self aligning activities!

It’s so delicious and I can’t wait for each meeting!🌟

If you love invitations to create and express your full soul-self, check out my program here:

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