Mental Health Anthems

Creatives use artistic mediums to express the chaos in our minds, which includes music! What music has been landing for you lately? I’m going to share some songs that hit me in the feels.

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“I know you feel it, but you always rather bottle it up
I’m rooting for you, but you’re not even trying
I want to help you, but it’s hard to get through all of your walls
I hope you know that I’m rooting for ya

You made all this conflict
Brought it upon yourself
Is this what you wanted?
I can’t even tell”

This is me talking to myself. As a therapist, I know a lot of interventions and understand intellectually why a lot of things work the way they do psychologically. It doesn’t make my own baggage any easier. This song made me feel like I’m putting walls against myself and others and struggle to ask for help from the community of humans who love and care about me. I create scenarios and “what if”s that convince me that asking for help is asking for too much anyway. Pretty intense, right?

The next song is my affirmation to help me with the feels that came up from that last song:

Humans by Anyma

“Being a human is looking inside us
To see the bright side of the mountains that we used to climb
In the trees, we planted the seeds
Anxiety leaves
Heart in my hands, and I’m chasing the clouds
And I’m facing the crowd
And I pray for the land
Being a human is guiding our demons to finding our freedom
‘Til we’re born again”

Being a human is HARD. Perfectionism and codependency trip us up and judge us for making any mistake. Accepting and loving all aspects of ourselves can feel impossible sometimes. I love the chant-like characteristics of this song, especially with the chorus chanting, “The power of humans.” We are complex and astounding.

Ok. Here’s another song I want to share, and after that, I wanna learn what mental health anthems YOU have!

Changes by Joy Oladokun

“I hate change, but I’ve come of age
Think I’m finally finding my way
Danced with chaos
At every occasion
She looks me up everyday
Even when I’m tired and low there is
Gold in this
River that is carrying me home

Newspaper says the world’s on fire
People yelling and the water’s rising
It’s easy to feel kinda anxious
Yeah, we’ve thought it was the end of time
But we’re still holding on and we’re still trying
Life’s always been a little dangerous
But I don’t wanna stay the same so
I’m trying to keep up with the changes”

This song has beautiful intimate instrumentation with acoustic instruments like drums, ukulele, saxophone, guitar, and trumpet. I feel like this is an anthem for all of us. I have so many clients, family, and friends who get caught up in the overwhelm of everything that’s happening in the world. Are we allowed to exist in any state of joy when the world is on fire? Yes. The best first step in making the world a better place is showing up for yourself.

Tell us about songs that you’re listening to that make you contemplate and reflect on your mental health! If you want to contribute to our playlist, you can do so HERE.

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