Musical Connection

Living LUNA is exploring the beauty and complexity of music this month of May!

Music has amazing connective qualities. I remember creating a socializing structure with new people by saying “Hey, make me a playlist so I get to learn what you like to listen to!” I’m a hoarder of playlists. I currently am sitting on a pile of over 330 playlists, with no intention to stop nor slow down my collection. I have a “go to” playlist I send others if they ask for my music tastes, so if you’re curious, you can check it out HERE.

As an autistic person, I’d hyperfixate on a song for weeks if it was what my eardrums needed to hear. I remember cleaning the bedroom with Safrianna and we listened to the DROELOE song “Sunburn” nonstop on a speaker that entire 2 hour time and loved it!

Incorporating music in collaboration projects can be such a powerful way to connect with others. It’s another language entirely. Yeah, sure, I went to school for music and know the technical concepts of music theory, but at the end of the day, I love collaborating with others and learning what they hear for themselves in the music.

Throughout this month, we’ll be posting about how music has impacted us and asking you about how it’s impacted you. We’ll explore inspiring music, healing music, emotional music, weird music…you name it! AND if you have song suggestions for us to listen to, please comment on the blog suggestions so we can add it to the Musical May Spotify Playlist.

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