Why Discord is My Favorite Social Platform

If you’re following me, you’re gonna see me talk A LOT about Discord this month, and that’s because my #90DaystoGoal personal challenge is getting the Living LUNA Discord even more active than it already is.

Discord is a social platform that was originally marketed to online gamers; recently during the pandemic, they recognized the platform’s capacity to connect all kinds of people and have been making lots of awesome upgrades. It’s my favorite place to socialize!

What I love about Discord is that it syncs between PC, web browser, and phone app, so it’s useful for me as I am often on the go.

Discord supports a variety of communication styles. It has real-time group text chats, the ability to schedule events, livestream, screen share, share gifs, emojis, pictures, and have voice and video chats. In other words, it does all of the things that Facebook, Insta, Twitch, and Zoom do, but all in one place! And it’s SO customizable.

Think of a Discord server like a Facebook group where anyone can jump into a group chat with other people anytime or respond as they’re able. You can tag specific people in servers or direct message them. There are categories in each server instead of one big wall feed: channels with various topics to help you figure out where is the best place to post and chat. It’s all in timeline order so you can easily scroll to catch up, keyword search, or just check pinned messages.

The platform also helps with digital boundaries because it has great settings for what notifications you want to get pushed to your phone, desktop, or not at all.

Our server is a social space themed around my Living LUNA brand “Uplifting the Others.” It’s a social hub for all kinds of people who are united around being kind, compassionate, and having deeper conversations. We have writers, gamers, business owners, and all kinds of cool people from different walks of life. We’re an inclusive and diverse space.

If you’re ready to be a part of a community centered around fun and uplifting each other rather than pain dumping, we’re the place for you. Come join our server today! We’re happy to show you around.

This month, I’m doing my best to write a blog post every day for the #UltimateBlogChallenge (Check it out at https://ultimateblogchallenge.com/).

This is also a part of my own #SocialMediaAscension Campaign with Living LUNA which has expanded from a month to just my mission all the time! I’d REALLY love it if you joined us on Discord because I love chatting there! Join our Discord HERE!

#LivingLUNA #SocialMediaAscension #90DaysToGoal #BlogBoost #UltimateBlogChallenge
If you want to talk with us more, feel free to join us on our socials! https://livinglunas.com/socials

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