A Safe Circle

This past week, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Bozeman, Montana for a unique and incredible training on a system called Body of 9.

If you’re unfamiliar with Body of 9, I highly recommend you go watch or listen to our podcast with the co-founders of this system, or check out the blog over here.

The workshop was all about integrating and embodying all nine natural numbers within our bodies, regardless of our own core number. While I’m planning to write a lot more in the coming weeks on how amazing Body of 9 is, for now I just want to speak on the SAFETY this event provided!

I showed up to the event authentically. 100%. 🤪 Messy in my health as always (my physical body is my big journey right now). I was anxious as hell. Just having flown on a plane for the first time. Sweaty. 🥵 Super tired.

In showing up fully me, I was outwardly polyamorous, never making an attempt to hide that aspect of myself. I was also visibly queer, given I was there with Ike Lughna (Natural Number 1) who is nonbinary and they/them, and we mentioned celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. I was my normal level of affectionate. Not once did I stop to gatekeep myself!

Because I was totally open, I was able to be a non-judgemental sponge, just wanting to take in the whole experience. I got to meet other people like me… In-person. I am not sure how many Natural Number 9s I’ve encountered in the wild honestly. It was like coming home. A true recognition of “You can’t do it all alone” and “It takes a community.”

As a Natural Number 9, I’m so used to containing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, literally ALL of the time. It’s big karmic work trying to pull back from co-dependency and over-doing it, because these shoulders CAN carry a lot. That doesn’t mean I should, though! I need my community to support me.

And all of the other Natural Numbers’s receiving me just as I am and allowing me to receive them was beautiful.

It was amazing to see Susan (Natural Number 6) move the group forward if the time was right, or Martin (Natural Number 5) read another aspect of the room and sense the need for rest.

It was amazing to witness the outpouring of vulnerability from my wife and the other participants. I felt completely able to relax into just taking care of myself (and Ikenna when appropriate), and otherwise just holding space within the group.

It was clear many of us came from different spiritual paths and belief systems. Yet, we didn’t argue or try to be “right.” We just expressed our own truth and accepted that other’s truths could be different.

All of us in this group knew that we were ultimately united. Whether they believed in “One Nation Under God” or that we are all made of the same stardust or that there is an intelligent design of some kind… Whatever their unique self and natural number evoked within them… There was a profound mutual understanding that we are all needed and necessary for the uplifting of humanity and the planet. 

When we’re not fighting, we have so much more capacity to work together.

Showing up to the Body of 9 workshop, I got to meet all 9 other natural numbers in person, even having all of them in the room at the same time for one of the workshop days. The energy was POTENT and most importantly, everyone could feel the safety of the circle to show up as themselves.

It was amazing to show up as my openly queer, polyamorous, NN9 self and not once feeling judged! That’s pretty freaking magical, ya’ll. That’s the stuff that heals the world. We need more circles like this.

This is so the whole mission behind our brand, Living LUNA. We’re all about Uplifting the Others… And what ultimately is an Other? Someone who is not our perceived Self. We’ve all felt othered at some point by society, a family member, a partner, or our religious upbringing.

Where and when have you felt 100% safe to be you in a community?

If you haven’t, what would it be like to find such incredibly open acceptance?

This month, I’m doing my best to write a blog post every day for the #UltimateBlogChallenge (Check it out at https://ultimateblogchallenge.com/).

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