Wanting What We Can’t Have

How often do you struggle with wanting what you can’t have?

I’m feeling this right now as I am ridiculously sick, but suddenly have the desire and motivation to do a deep clean of my house. Problem is, the moment I stand up I’m winded and need to take a break, so I simply can’t do it.

I’ve talked with a lot of people personally and professionally who yearn to have what they don’t or can’t have. This phenomenon is similar to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

I feel like we humans are often hardwired to strive for some idea of perfection; a thing that we often equate with having it all or being able to do everything.

How often do we NOT want something until we see someone we admire with it?

How often do we look to others for what is right, good, or meaningful?

Why is it that we struggle so much with the concept of “lack” when our reality is abundant?

Mindset is important, and gratitude is key.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to rest and that I do not have to clean right away.

I know that when I feel better, the cleaning tasks will still be there, and whether I feel motivated in that particular moment or not, I WILL feel better and relieved when I get the cleaning done.

I’m not really missing out if I don’t clean right now. And sure, I can want what I can’t have, but so long as I don’t put too much stock in that fact, the mere act of wanting won’t hurt me. It’s only if I let myself get washed away in a sea of what ifs and woe is me’s that it’s going to get bad.

I choose to allow the want while not letting it define my current experience.

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2 responses to “Wanting What We Can’t Have”

  1. FOMO is real. I just do my best to be present and I am reminded that I am enough — as I am, right here, right now.


    1. That’s an excellent mindset to approach life with! YES! I hope more and more people will begin to adopt those beliefs!


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