Delightful Diary Downloads

I’m thinking of typing up some of my old diary / journal entries from various bits of writing I’ve done in what is close to fifty notebooks over the course of the past three or so years…

This is one I flipped open to today. It made me smile.


May 20th, 2022

“These days, it often feels like I’m hurtling forward towards some great unknown — and I’m okay with that.

I used to feel so threatened by the uncertain, but now that I feel in tune with God, Source, the Universe, the entire expanse of all that is, I’m alright with not having all the answers.

I do understand so much — or at the very least, perceive it with clarity.”

– Safrianna Lughna, Natural Number 9

This was only about a month, maybe a month and a half after I found out I was a Natural Number 9 through Body of 9.

I was just a little over a MONTH into integrating back towards my nature. It truly launched the final phases of healing my codependency: speaking up and using the fullness of my voice and power, making an impact while not using force.

It was me uncovering my magic at long last!!! 🌟

The Natural Number 9 center of leadership is in the center of our shoulder blades! It totally makes sense why my ONLY tattoo of my Owl, my first Guardian animal, is on that spot! And, I love wearing shoulderless shirts! 🥰

So many cool things to discover about myself through this new lens. I’m still deepening how far it can take me.

This is only the beginning. Imagine where I’ll be after 5 years of not online knowing my OWN natural leadership as a 9, but also mastering embodying the gifts of all 8 other Natural Numbers…

Holy HECK! We humans are truly incredibly capable of extraordinary things.

Do you want to find out your Natural Number, too? There are two upcoming opportunities to find out!

In Person in Frederick, MD at the The Common Market Co-op on 7th Street:

Friday, June 30, 2023: Pick Your Time (2-4) or (6-8)

Identification Sessions: $20

Saturday, July 1st, 2023: Pick Your Time (2-4) or (6-8)

Identification Sessions: $20

Sunday, July 2nd, 2023, 9:30 – 4:30 with a lunch break:

Introduction Class – $200


May 24th, 2023 – Online Group Identification

Learn Your Natural Number

$45 per person

5 PM Pacific / 6 PM Mountain / 6 PM Central / 8 PM NYC

By the way, how do you like the idea of me doing an ongoing series with bits and pieces of my journals? 🙂

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