Hello There.

We’ve finally got the Living LUNA blog up and running. *Rubs hands together.* That means we now have a place to dump random thoughts and feelings, downloads, ramblings, and musings.

I’ve personally been blogging for over 20 years now (I miss you, Xanga 1.0). There’s never been a span of more than a few months where I haven’t had some kind of domain where I could thought dump about my special interest at the time. My problem is so bad, everytime I think I’m going to quit blogging, I pick it up again.

I’ve tried to rebrand myself at least once a year for as many years as I’ve been self-aware and semi-identified. But, I always tried to pick one thing. Tried to wear one hat. I don’t know why I ever expected the answer to be “one thing” when I am the most aggressively Gemini person I’ve ever met.

I’ve had a video game blog. Spiritual blog. Mental health blog. 12+ personal blogs. I was always trying to divide myself neatly into a single page, pairing myself down to a minimum.

This year, however, I was introduced to Joi-Knows-How by Alexandra Rollet. I’d never heard the term “Multi-Passionate” until I started looking over Joi’s materials, and holy shit, everything suddenly made sense.

My passions are the ways I express my values in life. I love art. Painting. Sculpting. Jewelry. Crystals. Writing. Poetry. Teaching. Counseling. Guiding. Praying. Dancing. Meditating. Breathing. Swimming. Eating. Cooking.

I love the imagery of mycelium networks, matrices, lattice trellises, checkerboards, and all manners of repeating patterns. Lungs, trees, and galaxies. We’re all ripples of one another. Of cosmic, swirling star stuff.

I love life. I love how interconnected everything is. And I love that I’ve finally figured out that it’s okay to be fully me. Nerdy. Woo woo. Always thinking about writing and poetry, rolling words over in my mind to see how they sound together. Petting cats. Overspending my budget on crystals. Getting so absorbed in the story of a video game I forget to breathe.

I’m never not changing, like the moon moving in and out of cycles. The celestial body is the same, but light and dark are cast in different balances over different days. The tides change, and no one wave is every the same. I’m a nebulous, hard to pin down, constantly evolving individual.

And I’m finally good with that.

— Safrianna

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