Judgment: A Symbol of Transformation and Personal Responsibility

Judgment: Embracing the power of self-reflection and taking responsibility for my actions. Seeking forgiveness and redemption. Finding liberation in honesty and truth. ⚖️🙏 

Life isn’t easy. Self ownership isn’t easy. Taking responsibility, 100%, for ourselves, is exhausting.

I get it.

Over the last three years, I have gone immensely deep into my own shadow work, excavating trauma and every bit of maladaptive coping I use to look at it from all angles and shine light on my most buried parts.

I walked these shadows using therapy, coaching, floating, dancing, art, weeping, rituals, plant medicine, meditation, breathwork… I’m still walking in the shadows even now and holding the hand of every fear-filled and insecure part of me as I do so.

In the past three years, I addressed and actively worked to dismantle my relationship or engagement with:

  • Inner Fat Phobia as a fat person
  • Codependency in every area and dynamic in my life.
  • Generational trauma and societal legacies, expectations, and “norms”
  • Chronic health conditions and what is in my control to do about it
  • The Patriarchy
  • Cishet normativity and compulsory sexuality

I’ve radically renegotiated my relationships within myself and in doing so allowed new, healthier relationships in my external and everyday life. 

In doing this work, I rediscovered who *I* am underneath the nurture. 

I’ve unpacked my cosmic or divine blueprint. 

I’ve been willing to look at the human messiness and accept it all. 

I’m proudly empowered now.

I am my own Inner CEO. I guide my emotional parts and traumatized parts with just as much compassion and openness as I do the parts of me that plan and plot out my dreams, show up in joyful relationships, and seek pleasure. 

I’m proud to judge myself a worthy CEO, visionary transformational leader, badass empowered Natural Number 9, and Self & soul-lead person. 

Through doing that inner work and finding my Self energy, I’ve finally been able to heal enough to step into a genuine leadership role with Living LUNA and what this brand aims to achieve.

I am NOT perfect nor do I aim to be. I do not believe egoic perfection exists in a three-dimensional reality, but that’s a dissertation for another day. 😂

But, I sure am honest. 

I get seething angry sometimes, especially at injustice. I cry often (thank goodness. I was cut off from that for years!). I sigh when I need to vent something heavy. I occasionally overuse a substance such as food or w33d when I don’t know how to console myself, then I gently guide myself back. I am imperfect in my communication and I often don’t have the right words to share exactly how I am feeling.

But, I stand up for myself AND others now. Not just others. And that does make a very important difference, even if society and peers alike have told me it is wrong to use my voice, selfish, bitchy, or unladylike.

I am me. Compassionate. Brave. Joyful. Free.

I want you to be you. Beloved. Joyful. Free. Whatever those look like for you.

Do you judge yourself worthy? If not… Why not?! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Symbolism & Interpretations

The Judgment tarot card is a complex and intriguing one, speaking  to the concept of spiritual awakening, rebirth, and transformation. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Judgment card depicts a scene of resurrection, with an angel blowing a trumpet and people rising from their graves to be judged.

The symbolism of the Judgment card can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the context of the reading and the individual’s personal beliefs and experiences. At its core, the Judgment card represents a moment of reckoning, where one is called upon to evaluate their past actions and make amends or move forward with a new sense of purpose.

One way to interpret the Judgment card is as a call to action. This card can indicate that it is time to take responsibility for past mistakes and make positive changes in one’s life. It can be a powerful reminder that our actions have consequences and that we must be accountable for the choices we make.

Another interpretation of the Judgment card is as a symbol of spiritual awakening. This card can represent a time of intense personal growth and transformation, where old patterns and beliefs are shed in favor of new insights and understandings. It can be a challenging and sometimes uncomfortable process, but ultimately leads to greater clarity and self-awareness.

Overall, the Judgment tarot card is a powerful symbol of transformation, growth, and personal responsibility. It invites us to reflect on our past actions, embrace change, and move towards a more authentic and purposeful life.

Affirmation: ” I find liberation in honesty and truth.”

Keywords: Rebirth, Renewal, and Self-Evaluation.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can I take responsibility for my past actions and make amends where necessary?
  • What patterns or beliefs am I holding onto that no longer serve me? How can I let go of them to make space for new growth?
  • What is the next step in my personal evolution? How can I work towards that goal?
  • How can I embrace change and transformation, even when it feels uncomfortable or challenging?
  • What is my unique purpose or calling in life? How can I align my actions with that purpose to live a more fulfilling life?

The April Fool – Sowing the Seeds of Curiosity

Here in the Living LUNA community, our theme for April is “Sowing the Seeds of Curiosity!” Throughout the month of April, we’ll explore the journey of the Fool alongside the symbolism of the Major Arcana cards from Tarot. Each archetype offers opportunities for self-reflection! Follow along or participate in our community by joining our Discord server at: Discord.me/LivingLUNA

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