Happy 420! & a Special Podcast Drop

Eyyy! Just in time for 420, my episode with the wonderful Julie Hanson. ❤

In this episode, I have a very open conversation about cannabis. I think this is a super important conversation to have, and I’m honored Julie invited me to have this talk.

During this podcast, I introduce my High RIDERs framework for best practices in using cannabis.

I talk about the resource of Leafly.

You can listen to it on YouTube (and up the playback speed like my ADHD self does):

Listen Above.

You can also listen to The Joy Factor podcast on Apple Podcast.

You can check out my page on why I’m 420 friendly here: https://www.safrianna.com/420friendly

To continue the conversation, join us on Discord!

To support us, you can donate via Patreon!

Read about the RISE Program here!

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