What is Portal Pathwalking?

What the heck is portal pathwalking, you ask? 🤔

Portal pathwalking is a meditative technique used to explore energetic dimensions or other realms of existence. 💚 If the spiritual perspective doesn’t appeal to you, portal pathwalking may be seen as a psychological, symbolic look at your own inner world.🤯

The process is simple, but the content can be profound. I guide you through my three-step process of Intention, Experience, and Reflection. During the experience phase, we visualize or imagine a specific doorway (portal) in our mind’s eye. For those who are not visual (which includes me!), you may experience words like narration in your mind, bodily sensations, colors, memories, or other information. There is no one right way to receive this experience.

🧘‍♀️Once you have tuned into the energy of this portal, you will proceed to step through it. This relies on your willingness to allow yourself to be transported to a different realm or inner world. Within this space, you will use your intuition and conscious awareness to explore this new environment, looking for signs and symbols that speak to you.

Why bother, though, when you could spend your hour doing something else? Well… In my experience, this information can help you gain further insight into yourself, your circumstances, and the world around you. The power and potency of showing up and connecting with your higher self are invaluable and often provide unexpected healing.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Are you ready to expand your horizons and open your curiosity?

🤩You’re welcome to join me on Zoom for a free event as I channel the energies of the Gaian Portal on Monday March 13th, 2023!

Sign Up Here: Tickets for Free Gaian Portal Event

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