New Year, New Moon Replay!

Hey There… 

Today’s new moon circle was REALLY POWERFUL! ✨

It totally overloaded my computer! The energy of the live container was really high. Despite some little technical setbacks (Zoom crashed 4 times), we moved through what I felt was a very potent dive into the current lunar energy of our New Moon in Aquarius. 

If you want to catch the replay, it’s now live in our private Facebook community, which you can access here: Living LUNA Facebook Circle 🌟

And now… An exciting announcement.

For being a part of our exclusive community and supporting us through our early ventures, we want to give you a discount for being founding members. 💙 We genuinely appreciate all of your support. 


I am thrilled to announce that I’m officially offering the Sacred Moon Circle, starting in February. Today marked my last free Moon offering. I love doing these, but I know I need an energetic exchange that sustains me, too. 

Here is more information! Read More About the Sacred Moon Circle Here.

If you’re interested in the Sacred Moon Circle monthly membership, here is a 25% off discount for two months you can use: Sacred Moon Circle 25% Off


Many of you know I have an offer called the Silver Wheel Spiritual Circle. This is a year-long, 8 ritual offering, beginning February 2nd at 6PM Eastern. 

Read More About the Silver Wheel Spiritual Circle Here.

If you’d like to attend the upcoming Wheel of the Year Ritual (Imbolc) but aren’t sure if the full-year commitment is for you, you can get 50% off your first ritual! Imbolc Ritual, 50% Off

If you’re all in, we’re also offering an exclusive beta price offer for the full year of the Silver Wheel Spiritual Circle: 66% Off 2023 Silver Wheel Membership


I’m so excited to finally be offering these experiences professionally, bringing together my many years of experience as a teacher, ritual leader, priestess, therapist, guide, creatrix, and channel into immersive experiences accessible all around the world. This is my soul mission and I know it’s only going to grow from here! 💜 

Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to support you in the many ways Living LUNA has to offer. 🌙

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