New Year, New Moon

How has this year felt so far for you? 🧐

We’re halfway through our first month of 2023, and personally, I have been slogging along. The energy hasn’t felt bad, but it has felt dense. Like a reminder to slow down.

It feels like I’m in a pressure cooker where all of these ideas are brewing, but the Divine Timing doesn’t feel quite right for launching so many of the things that are coming through.

I’ve had ideas for my FREE Portal Pathwalking Series that have surfaced with clarity and commitment.

I’ve gained clarity on workflow, structure, delegation, and more in my business and Living LUNA in general.

I’ve also had a TON of emotional purging, breakthroughs in relationships, and deepening of my inner relationship with myself.

HOWEVER… I am sensing this upcoming NEW MOON is going to be an energetic launching point… All the things brewing with the newness of this year are going to start to come to fruition.

I’m excited.

Regardless of whether or not you’re feeling this same energy, it’s our first new moon and cycle for 2023… That’s a symbolic fresh start for us all.

Do you want to feel into that fresh start with some new year RENEWAL?

If you’d like to attend my FREE New Year, New Moon event this upcoming Sunday, I’d love to have you.

We’ll meet LIVE on Zoom at 3PM!

Sign up for FREE here:

Big things are coming from Living LUNA so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Are you looking for a social group that is not about pain dumping and venting, but rather about being uplifting and kind to everyone?

Check out our various #paindumpfree socials at

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