Year in Review:

April 2022

In April of 2022, I began networking as a business owner & entrepreneur in full. My schedule expanded from just therapy clients to also include networking calls, workshops, and professional education.

On the spiritual side, this was me stepping into the macrocosmic vigor or energy of “organization” work as a Creatrix. For a Creatrix soul imprint, our mission is, in part, to help pull the right people together at the right time to make magic! Through my first business coach (Jackie Kotei), I found out about Lisa & Kaela of The Rise Leadership Circle and decided to attend their event Gold with my wife, Ikenna. 

We’d started the Living LUNA podcast just one month prior, and I realized it was time to build a community! Our podcast had about 3 listeners at this point, but I knew that it was just the beginning! I dream big and tend to have an expansive, massive vision for projects as a Natural Number 9. 

This was the month where I rapidly expanded not only my community but also my perspective. 

In one of my first manifestations of the year, I won a coaching call with none other than Kaela Gedda of the RISE Leadership Circle herself! She helped me dig right to the bottom of why I was so afraid to show the hell up in online spaces. 

I’d deleted my old Facebook after some really bad drama went down years ago. I didn’t want people from my past to be able to identify my work because I was fearful of being mocked, “canceled,” gossiped about, or otherwise hurt again.

Bottom line, I was afraid of someone else feeling negative about me, thus saying negative things about me, so I hid.

By hiding, I was letting the people from my past win, people who were not even in my life anymore in any capacity. I was allowing them to determine who I was, what I was capable of, and determine my truth for me.

Kaela helped me uncover and understand in 30 minutes what I refused to admit to for the prior two years. I’d become a ghost of my former self. I was dimming my light because I was so very afraid.

After this call, things began to unfold rapidly. I knew I wanted to be a published author but a publishing offer I’d secured years prior had fallen through for ethical reasons.

Yet, I was already published. In 2021, I won third place in an international ecological literature (eco-lit) competition and the book was printed. However, I used a pen name for it, a choice I deliberately made because I was afraid to be seen. But now? I was coming out of my chrysalis at last, emerging from the darkness into the light. I was willing to try. 

Thus began the unfolding of me showing up on socials again, and then from there, I got involved with who is now my soul-publisher, Jessica Verrill of House of Indigo Collective

In the months to come, all these old blocks would begin to crumble away and things that once distracted me would become sweet contrast in my healing journey. 

Monthly Intuitive Readings:

  • Revelation. Sudden illumination & release of tension. Change. Blessed with Awen. The work of liberation, deepening, and illumination progresses. 


  • Began professional networking; met members of the Natural Leaders Business Partnership (NLBP)
  • Met with Jessica Verrill and got involved with the book Raising Wild Ones
  • Guest featured on the JOY Factor podcast
  • Attended the Gold Event with Kaela Gedda and Lisa Limata.  


  • The month of canceled plans. 
  • Too many business ideas. 


  • Enjoying sensory experiences and receiving energy. 
  • A coaching session (that I WON!) with Kaela opened me up to so much understanding about why I had such a challenging relationship with social media! BUSTING THROUGH THOSE BARRIERS!
  • Feeling far more confident and beginning to delegate responsibility more. 

Lessons Integrated:

  • My decisions should feel effortless and good to me. 
  • Recognizing multitasking is an energy drain.
  • I am stepping into confidence!


  • I can ask for help.
  • It is okay to delegate to others.

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