Year in Review: March 2022

March 2022

Creatrix season!

My first, conscious, fully present Creatrix season. 

For a little context for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Creatrix is a term that I’ve heard many other people claiming as a spiritual expression or title. I believe it has different definitions for different people just like every single word in existence, so I’ll explain mine.

My role as a Creatrix was remembered when I found Saoirse Clare McGovern’s Starseed Mystery School (SMS) program. Through SMS, I remembered the mission I chose before I incarnated as this me. Others might interpret this as the way God designed me.

As a Creatrix, it is my role to lead through the style of seeing ahead and communicating important information to others. Since we’re here at this particular time, my role is often in sharing messages of light, unity, understanding, compassion, and authenticity in a way that is understandable to many kinds of people. I bridge the gap between mental and spiritual health, assisting people to drop into their bodies first in order to feel their spirits on a whole new level. 

I see people as multidimensional beings on every level. 

I believe we exist here in “density” or “the 3D.” In other words, we exist on a physical level that is experienced through our bodies, five senses, and relationship with others who exist here on a physical level with us. This includes our movement through what we perceive as space and time, how we fuel our bodies, how we respond to somatic (physical) signals, and our environments. 

We are intellectual beings. We possess the quality and value of curiosity. We perceive an egoic mind that forms complex thought, both “rational” and “irrational,” or logical and emotional. We experience judgment and meaning-making.

From judgment and meaning-making often stems those somatic signals, inwardly experienced feelings that we equate to particular emotions. We make meaning with the language that we know which can often be limited, and pass judgment based on our schematic perceptions of any particular word. Suddenly, the queasy feeling in our stomach, the tossing and turning heat, is judged as a panic attack or a dire disease, something to be horrifically worried about, and off we go. 

We also contain what some consider a deeply spiritual inner leader or higher self. In some therapy modalities, we refer to this as the Observer or Self. In various spiritual circles, this might be the Inner Wise One, Higher Self, Christ Consciousness, and so many other names. When we can achieve the ability to consistently check in with the wisdom of this inner leader, we find our lives beginning to unfold with more clarity and ease. 

Those few are already several dimensions of our complex human selves. But, we also can experience things in other ways. 

When we expand our minds enough to release the egoic judgment that bars creativity or blocks intuitions, we can have incredible spiritual experiences. We can open ourselves to bliss. Englightenment. Astral travel. Intuitive access. Clairs. The ability to channel or download. Contact with the otherworlds, astral plane, spirits, angels, ancestors, or other spiritual beings. Work in this realm is often referred to as the “5D” or fifth dimension. 

I could write a dissertation on all of this (and maybe I will if I have any clue what people would want my ideas on). But, I think I’ll leave it at that for now. 

Anywho, all of this started to make a bit more sense around this time. The Creatrix governs the numerical precept of 3 energy. Three has been core to my spiritual practice due to the Druidic triads and the nature of many Celtic knots. The triforce and pyramid are also spiritually significant to me. 

Most of my big life changes have taken place around 3/3.

In March 2008, I decided to go to college after all despite moving out the day I turned 18 to escape a neglectful and emotionally toxic home environment. 

I found out I was going to lose my daughter in March of 2012.

I left a relationship in March of 2019 that damaged my self-esteem, work, and installed limiting beliefs that kept me silent and small for years. 

In 2022, I launched the Living LUNA podcast, community, and brand!

These are just a few of my standout Marches of the past, and I am excited to see what’s going to happen in 2023!

Monthly Intuitive Readings:

  • Look at how I can reconnect to sources of energy or work to resolve any outstanding issues causing blockages. Be patient. Let go of expectations. 


  • Featured on a ZynnyMe Podcast (First guest Podcast)
  • Got my teacher pension transferred to a new retirement account 
  • Launched Living LUNA podcast on 3/3!
  • Launched the first iteration of my digital RISE course (self-care & coping skills) 
  • Gave my RISE program FREE to a local Domestic Violence agency
  • Began Breathwork Apprenticeship 
  • Hosted in-person Spring Equinox ritual.


  • Office plants got infected with BUGS. 
  • Continuing to struggle with body image issues. 


  • Ikenna’s birthday! Went to Winchester to celebrate. 
  • More open to receiving energy than ever. 

Lessons Integrated:

  • Slow down and plan.


  • My time for striving is over. 
  • I can just be without pressure or expectations. 
  • I deserve to receive. 
  • I release self-doubt, embracing love and creativity.

[If you’re interested in this blog series, you can read what happened in February, here.]

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