The Time to Heal

The time to heal has come.

Today is a new day. That sounds cliché, but sometimes life shifts so much that we cannot ignore how the Universe is nudging us and whispering – no, more like yelling –  “START AGAIN.“ Well, we can choose to ignore it. Mind you, that is invariably the wrong thing to do. We do not often get this chance to have a fresh start until we are in a new life (if you believe in such things). So, as much as it seems hard to start over, to release the life of our past, it is a blessing that we should not ignore, but rather should embrace.

Unfortunately, many people ignore the messages and lessons that life throws at them. When a chance for a new beginning appears, oftentimes we look the other way. It is undeniably hard to release things that have been a part of us for a long time; sometimes, we are asked to release things that have been a part of us since we were children. How can you simply take a part of you that deep and throw it away? How? You have to figure out a way because it is imperative that you do.

The time to heal has come. Life has introduced you with an opportunity to change and so, it is time to change. If you do not, life will merely keep thrusting the same lessons or messages on you until you listen.

Have you ever noticed how the same problem seems to surface over and over in life? For a personal example, I have always been quite frugal with my money, but constantly fretting about it. I hate money and what it represents. To me, it is a symbol of greed. Yet, here I am, pinching pennies to try and save to buy materialistic things. Every time I would have a few thousand saved in the bank, I would decide to buy something for myself that I really did not need, such as $100+ worth of makeup. Then, to my surprise, something catastrophic would happen. The first time, my cat got very sick and had a $2,000 vet bill. The second time, I had to suddenly move, costing several thousand. The third time, my car began to smoke and would barely run. The fourth time, the cat got sick again and I was also hospitalized.


The same type of thing kept resurfacing and clearly, I was not learning the lesson. I had the choice to sit down and think about what life was trying to tell me, or to ignore it. Now, the same type of thing may flare up again in my future, but now that I have digested the fact that I need to save money for the right reasons (whatever those may be at any given time) and that I should not be materialistic, I have healed myself in a way. If the lesson presents itself once more, I will know it is time to step back and look at how I am handling my money.

Close analysis of these types of lessons or messages from the Universe can lead to transformative experiences. It gives us small opportunities to change how we are approaching things. However, sometimes our life goes through a massive shift where everything seems to go wrong and it becomes completely unclear what we need to do and what we need to learn. When the car has a crack in the window, your spouse is leaving you, your dreams seem shattered, and every little thing feels like it is going wrong, that is the time when higher powers or some inner messenger are telling you to start over.

Will you listen?

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