Have You Met Deb Porter, Founder of HOLD?

Deb Porter is on a mission to “Mr. Rogers” the world through teaching & practicing confidential, compassionate listening. To that end, she created HOLD : Hearing Out Life Drama. HOLD is a listening service that is less than a therapist, but outside the common circle of family, friends, or coworkers.  She makes sure that her team of listeners lightens your load.

The One and Only Deb Porter!

I love Deb’s mission and how she trains and supports her listeners. In our Living LUNA podcast interview, she discussed her CORE listening skills, a simple system that makes true listening much more accessible. It’s hard to admit, but many of us aren’t very good listeners. It can also be a rarity to feel fully heard in our lives, too.

As a therapist, I understand not everyone will be a good fit for HOLD’s services. If you’re needing to unpack trauma and do ongoing work, please seek therapy. However, if you’re a person who needs a supportive, listening ear, have finished ongoing therapy, or just need a space you can authentically vent, I believe HOLD offers immense value. It’d also be a great resource for therapists to provide clients they’ve terminated with because the client has graduated from needing ongoing treatment!

Being truly heard and received in our fullness is not a gift many of us regularly experience. Having a place to share whatever we need to share and have an opportunity to be held in compassion is so important. HOLD provides just that.

You can watch our interview with Deb Porter right here, or head on over to YouTube! The audio-only podcast is available on most Podcast streaming platforms including Google, Apple, & Spotify.

You can check out HOLD’s website at: Hearing Out Life Drama Main Website

Follow on Facebook: Hearing Out Life Drama Facebook Group

Instagram: Hearing Out Life Drama Instagram

YouTube: HOLD Listens






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