What COVID Taught Me

Despite dodging COVID for 2.5 years, it finally caught up to me at a really incredible event over the past week. I don’t regret going. I’d do it again and rest assured knowing I took every precaution during and after my trip to be safe and keep others safe.

Unfortunately, we’re at a stage where we take a risk of getting sick anytime we go out. But… it’s not that much different than how we used to be able to get the flu or a cold from a family event over the holidays or returning to school. I had chronic strep as a kid, and at least one bad cold a year as long back as I can remember.

Yes, this particular disease has a track record of being deadlier than many of the others when it gets complicated. For many, it’s a BIG risk. Knowing the risk and wanting to take it aren’t always the same thing.

When we go out these days, we’re more aware of the risk we’re consenting to take than ever.

Like any illness, the worst part of COVID has always been and will always be not getting to see our loved ones for the fear of harming them and getting them as sick or sicker than we are.

Yet, this illness has been a divider more than anything, a force keeping us apart more strongly than any cold or flu I’ve ever known.

My partners and I would routinely take care of each other with a cold or flu, despite the risk. Yet with this disease, many of us take extreme precautions, are far more afraid than ever, and are willing to go to any lengths to stay safe.

The worst pain is being without the ones we love. It’s not knowing when we’ll get to see them again. It’s feeling afraid to see them.

Whether you’re a person who has experienced COVID personally or a COVID denier, there is no denying that the presence of this pandemic has divided us more than ever.

It’s been so divisive, devastating, and detrimental to our well-being as humans. It’s made most of us consider our personal health and practices intimately. It’s made us look critically at what other people are doing one way or another. No one we know has been unaffected whether in direct or more passive ways.

Our modern world cultures and societies have been flipped on their head; we’ve got a choice to wake up and see it for what it is or stay asleep. Stay mad. Stay numb.

I’ve been waking up more than ever. Recognizing the beauty in the little things. Soaking all of it up that I can.

What really matters is each present moment. Connecting. Living with compassion.

For me it looks like cooking meals with my partners. Laughing in the living room together. Planning an outing to the park or a downtown shop. Making a mess doing crafts and cleaning it all up, covered in paint and eco-friendly glitter. Working through our junk together.

My morning breathwork practice. The Sangha. Feeling safe to kiss my beloved cats. Smiling at people in the grocery store. Having the energy to be creative.

Slowing down. Enjoying the season. Heart opening.

Those are the same things we don’t have energy or tolerance for when we’re living a burnt-out lifestyle.

From my perspective, COVID is a full-stop wake-up call to what burning ourselves out as a species looks like. It is a powerful reminder of the devastating toll of overworking, productivity culture, generational trauma, shame, fear, and disappointment just elevated to an extreme level. I’m not saying COVID itself is a product of burnout, but who knows – maybe on some cosmic level, it is a projection of our collective emotional state. We’re not doing great, fam.

The whole world is sick and suffering. What are we going to do about it?

The world is more divided than ever because of this disease and our inability to embrace compassion and self-care on the whole. We had the potential to tackle it quickly, come up with a solution, and move on, but some of us (individuals to entire societies) weren’t willing to make any sacrifices at all because of individual autonomy (which for the record, I’m pretty much all about), but there are some exceptions.

The baseline reality is we aren’t taking care of one another as fully as we can. We’re capable of that. It takes a village, remember. Our ancestors knew this. The animal kingdom knows this. How did we lose our way?

When we find the path again, the whole world is going to shift.

Anyway, my intention here isn’t to get into the nitty-gritty of the pandemic, but just to acknowledge my own personal experience. I know it’s a sensitive subject for many, and I, too, have lost people over the course of these last few years.

But, I think ownership is important and reflecting is essential to move forward. What’s happened has happened, and no matter what the future brings, COVID taught me to:

  • Take nothing for granted
  • Make time for what matters, not what society pushes on me
  • Be more compassionate because everyone has their own fears and ailments and not everyone wants to announce them
  • Take care of my health to the absolute best of my ability at any given time
  • Fill my time doing things I enjoy and that light me up
  • Be BRAVE
  • Connect in new ways across any distance and time
  • Recognize the people I truly love spending my time with and make more room for those moments

No matter your thoughts on it, what has it taught you?

Are you more compassionate or more withdrawn as a result?

How have the last few years changed you? Grown you? Shaped you?

How do you want to move forward?

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