The Body of 9

We are so pleased to introduce you to Susan Bennett Fisher and her husband, Martin Fisher in our latest audio and video podcast called “Authenticity Revealed by the Body.”

This interview was so much fun, and we learned even more about the Body of 9 system than we knew before! Ikenna (Natural Number 1) and I (Natural Number 9) were identified as a part of the book Raising Wild Ones (e-book available on Amazon, or signed copy directly from us)! Learning our Natural Numbers majorly changed our understanding of ourselves and some of the challenges we faced growing up. We feel even more capable of embracing our mission now!

Susan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Body of 9. Body of 9 is a company dedicated to introducing and teaching about a body-based assessment that, through your posture, body type, and how you physically express yourself, identifies what is called your Natural Number.

Since 2012, Susan and Martin Fisher have identified the Natural Number of over 8000 people from around the world. They share the understanding of how the Body of 9 shows up in so many aspects of human experience. Having your Natural Number Identified gives you an experience of your innate self, taking your understanding of who you are to a new level.

Through the course of her work with the Body of 9 system, Susan has witnessed the transformation that takes place within families once they have learned their Natural Numbers. Conflicts, challenges, and obstacles exist within families, similar to other relationships in our lives. Knowing the Natural Number of all the members of a family provides an opportunity to better understand the emotional, physical, relationship, mental, and spiritual needs of each individual. This lets each member be seen and heard for who they are in their nature. Body of 9 creates a basis of understanding that helps parents improve their parenting by better perceiving and relating to the unique gifts of their children.

In a family, the parent’s Natural Numbers are different from each other, and the children are also different from each other and the parents. Susan is a mother of 3 grown-up daughters, who had their Natural Numbers identified when they were 4, 6, and 8 years old. Since finding out their Natural Numbers, Susan has studied parenting from the perspective of Body of 9. With her own children, learning from how their bodies, skills, and gift developed, from observation with other children, and through conversation with grown-ups about how they would have liked to have been parented Susan has gained a new perspective and approach to parenting.

In her book – The Body of 9 – Decode Your Physiology and Discover Your True Self – she shares her research on how to support and parent children of each of the nine Natural Numbers.

Susan Bennett Fisher and her husband, Martin Fisher, are pioneers in the study and research of the 9 Natural Numbers. With over thirty years of combined research and experience, their work has led to many new discoveries. They offer a deeper understanding of the importance, power, and impact of knowing your Natural Number personally, in the relationship, and as a parent.

You can listen to the podcast here or on many other podcast platforms (Google, Apple, Spotify!)

If you prefer to watch video, you can watch us on YouTube here!

If you’re interested in getting identified, we’re pleased to partner with the Body of 9 as we strongly believe in their work and mission.

Click the links below to schedule a session if you’re interested!

Individual Identification.

Family Identification.

Couple Identification.

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