Potent Social Media Connections

What was your most meaningful social media interaction of all time?

I have made so many incredible friends online over the years that I don’t even know if I can say at this point that there has been a MOST meaningful interaction. 🤔

I’ve met people online in social media platforms that are now my best friends, closest confidants, incredible mentors, and all three of my partners. 😘 

As I’ve started “up leveling” my social media usage and really focusing in on what I wanted to get out of it, I’ve started meeting even more awesome people more rapidly than ever before.

I’ve connected with people like Jess Verrill who owns her own publishing house & provides intuitive healing and coaching. 📚
Michael Whitehouse, THE Guy Who Knows a Guy, networking people all over the globe and connecting them with just the right people. He also has several AWESOME podcasts. 🎤

Supriya Prasad who is highly spiritually attuned and uses her Business Chakras System, helping spiritual entrprenuers who are ready to get in alignment with themselves & their biz. 👁

Camille Miller, founder of the Natural Life Business Partnership, a collaborative for Soul Professionals™. 🍃

Nicole Majik, one of the smartest women I’ve ever met, Empowerment Alchemist and no-nonsense friend. ✨

Esta Singer, Brand Architect, who helped us get clear on where we’re going with Living LUNA and bring us out of our shells! 🎨

Kaela Gaeda who helped me bust my fears about social media and launch into a period of radical, positive visibility! 📣

Susan & her husband Martin, co-Founders of the Body of 9, who have helped me understand more about myself in 3 hours than I could have figured out on my own in three years: just by identifying my Natural Number 9! #️⃣

Janet Raftis & Ina Lukas, leaders of the Kairos Healers Academy, an incredibly potent alchemical, shamanic, and creatrix duo bringing healing activations to the world.

I could probably list A LOT more, but I’ve been really lucky to work closely with all of the above individuals recently on podcasts, projects, collabs, and more, and I met all of them through connections on social and digital media!

I believe the “World Wide Web” has the capacity to do so many great things for us. We just have to allow it in in the right way! 🕸

#LivingLUNA #SocialMediaAscension
If you want to talk with us more, feel free to join us on our socials! https://livinglunas.com/socials

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