Thoughts on Loan Forgiveness

My current loan balances as of September 1st, 2022. I began paying in 2012.

I began paying for my loans as soon as I was required to out of undergrad school, then went to graduate school because my bachelor’s “wasn’t enough” to qualify me to make wages appropriate to pay my rent or even consider buying a house.

As you can see, my original loan amounts vs what I currently owe is actually higher…. And I have paid every single month, never late, based on my income amount (until the interest pause).

The system is SO predatory and I have no idea how anyone thinks it’s okay.

All the stories of how many people will still be paying off student loans when they die…? That is a BROKEN interest system when the cost of education, which society has wrongly pushed as “the way to make a comfortable living” for so long, is insanely unreachable for most Americans out of pocket. It’s not a comfortable living for many people that push themselves to get higher education, often members of families who didn’t get to go to college themselves… So going to college is seen as this HUGE privilege (which, yeah it is, AND…) but, is actually more of a preparation system for people who stay lower to middle class in dead-end jobs making minimum wage jobs or like… $19.50 if the conditions are “really” good.

What. The. HECK.

MOOD is a big sigh about all this. YIKES people. Photo by Hurrah suhail on

Most people I know that are THRIVING are entrepreneurs. Small business owners. Healers. Coaches. Or, they’ve landed in a position in a company where they can stretch and push the limits or shatter the glass ceiling. They’re people who are breaking the “rules” and “norms” society has forced itself to swallow for generations.

So, yeah. I am pretty much done engaging in this system. I’m going to get myself out, one way or another, but I don’t want other people to have to deal with the same BS forever.

YES, to my Elder Generation, I see you and I see all the suffering you’ve had to go through to get by. I see how you had to strive to survive. That wasn’t fair. It wasn’t okay. And you survived. I’m sorry that had to be your experience, and it is my vision that for all of the rest of your years, you will be able to live in peace, abundance, safety, and love.

I support relieving as many people as possible of societal burdens and outdated programming as possible. That might be through debt relief or some other type of forgiveness.

May you be forgiven your debts as you have forgiven your debtors.


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